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Sunday, February 21, 2010

10.B v4.0.0.0 dry hopped and in secondary

Right on schedule. The previous version is due to racked to the tertiary for gelatinizing next week if I did my cyphering correctly. Maybe I'd better go run the numbers again, as the click phrase goes. Sounds impressive, eh? You can use it. Use it at work. People will be in awe of you. Supervisors will take note and put you on the fast track to management. If already a manager, Sainthood. I need a real job...

Friday, February 19, 2010

Damn. Forgot to go get some hops...

I was supposed to go to Blue Ridge Hydroponics & Homebrew Supply today for an ounce of Styrian Hops for dry hopping my 10.B v4.0.0.0 but I forgot. The beer in the carboy has stopped working and I should have racked it to the secondary today, but... I was busy looking for an engineering job. Have to get my priorities straight. I'll gettum tomorrow, or I'll have to do it Monday. Hopefully I'll have an interview Monday, so I d'wanna have to fool with beer while getting pumped for an interview. Fah!

Have to make a note somewhere... that I will see... to get hops tomorrow before work!

Monday, February 15, 2010

Version Control

I am using a numeric representation of beer versions similar to Engineering version control thingys. For each style there will be the individual brewer's version of the beer.

"10B 0-0-0-0 would be your base recipe.
10B 1-0-0-0 would be a change in malt
10B 0-1-0-0 would be a change in hops
10B 0-0-1-0 would be a change in yeast
10B 0-0-0-1 would be a change in something else

A fifth digit could be your evaluation of the change. Maybe a "+" if you
wanted to retain the change or a "-" not to attempt that particular change

This from having bounced the idea around with one of my homebrew homeboyz over the last few days. So the latest beer will be printed on the cap label thusly:

10.B v4.0.0.0
Batch 1

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Brewing another 10.B, version 4

Now that I have some Munich and Pale ale again, I'm going to revisit version three, make some changes in ferment-ables, hops, and yeast, and call it version 4. I'm getting a real late start, haven't even weighed out the grain yet or set up. It is almost 1:00 in the afternoon. No prob, I have the day off tomorrow. I don't think that I'm going to make note to the club that I'm brewing unless I do so real late. Too much going on should anyone actually show up. Trish isn't too happy about it: she cleaned & vacuumed the basement yesterday... including the grain spill that I forgot to clean up from under the water heater & furnace. Must... be... extra... careful today.

Yes, and no sooner had I finished crushing the grain did I realize that the bag that was catching the grain had a hole in the back. Which, of course, I didn't notice until I finished. FAH~!

Got all done and no boil overs. Cleaned up by 7:00. That was yesterday. Today, I have another 5.25 gallons of American Amber Ale merrily bubbling away in the Primary!

Friday, February 12, 2010

Racked 10B v. to secondary

Finally, got the ole brewery going again. I racked the beer to the secondary (committing the sin of using a 5 gallon carboy instead of the other 6 gallon one) and lost maybe a sixpack of beer and a quarter oz. of hops... D'oh! Oh, well. What's done is done. In my early morning thinking, I figured that I needed the other 6-er for when I brew again this Sunday... not realizing that the first one would be clean and ready by this time. Where did I put my coffee? Oh, it's upstairs...

Well, at least it is done.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Plan to brew tomorrow....

It's been weeks since I decided to brew again. And whenever the time is right, the weather has been near single digits or, the High Command had forbade any brewing action 'so she doesn't have to clean up after me'. What? I clean up after myself when I brew... Oh, not to the atomic level, but....

But tomorrow I shall brew. A nice America Amber Ale. And next Sunday, another one. The cellar is almost devoid of potables. MORE BEER, please~!

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