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Sunday, May 20, 2012

Bwah! My Oktoberfest & ESB sucked!….

It seems that the hoses on my chiller were leaking into the brew kettle…. and introduced some evil bacteriae into the beer.  When I went to bottle the OKtoberfest it was sour.  I poured it all out.

Later I got to thinking about it… and took a great portion of the ESB to a friend who is experimenting with stilling to still out the alcohol if he is of a mind to do so. 

If one has a good buzz going, the ESB isn’t too bad; so the rest of it, I’ll use to finish off a drinking session that I may have started elsewhere.

I really hate to have to do away with a batch of beer; at least I know what the problem is.  I need to fix the chiller one day.


Friday, May 18, 2012

How do YOU spell “Aw Shiite!”?

Last nite I prepared to bottle my Oktoberfest… and it tasted just awful!  My ESB tasted same, as the chiller leaked about a gallon of water into the wort as it was chilling, also adding some vileness to the works to sour the lot of it.

So…. I dumped the whole lot down the drain.  Shiite happens….

Friday, May 11, 2012

Oh shite… it taste like it….

I tried out my Extra Special Bitters yesterday, and another today just to make sure.  It isn’t worth drinking unless I’ve had lots to drink before.  Bleah!  I think this was due to the chiller leaking about a gallon of water into the wort before I noticed what was happening.

Well, I can drink it after I am plastered… or use it in my smoker instead of water. We will see….

What a waste of good grain & etc…

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