A Beer and a Dog

"Why should I blog about brewing?", I asked. "Nothing like a beer and a dog...", So Sayeth Virtual Wayne.

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Bread and Circus!

We want more Bread and Circus!

-The Lazy Bastards

Sunday, July 8, 2012

IPA is potable…

I have been sampling my IPA in the past week or so, took several bottles to work to share with friends there as well.  Tastes pretty good if I do say so mice elf.

Still have to brew more.  I’m out of grain, have to order another sack or two, want to make a counter flow chiller out of my emersion chiller (I have most of the parts – just lack the hose) and I lust for a good brewing kettle.  The canning pots have served me well, but they are chipped and banged up.  They need to be retired… or put out on a yard sale for the purpose for which they were made.  I’ll give you a good buy on ‘em… after I get a replacement.


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That was it, apparently

"Bonus Nachos!" as we say on my planet. "And CHEERS!"