A Beer and a Dog

"Why should I blog about brewing?", I asked. "Nothing like a beer and a dog...", So Sayeth Virtual Wayne.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Bah-hahaha…. Beer is good

I went on a Mission today… First to the ‘C on Willie-D to get some cardboard thingys that I’d been hoarding when I was there...
I was going to use them for a project for Trish....
I kept forgetting them..
El Jefe said that he was about to throw them out, so its a good thing that I finally got them today.  Then, after visiting for a spell I was off to Che Kroger, at Towers Mall… got some chips to take to my friend’s Open Home Brew Session….

But First: I stopped by the ABC store at Towers to say Hi to Carole, my hot friend, and then, after a steamy exchange, I was off to the Open Brew Session at Home Boyz.

We had beers, several other peeps stopped by to kibbitz, and I was off again.

Stopped by Bryan’s to see him cleaning up after his brew session, had a couple of his beers, and then to another Che Kroger’s to get some rations.  Then, home.  And: Here I am.  Waiting for the End Of Time, at which point I shall go upstairs and drink even MORE beer… and watch some toob.

At some point tonight, I’m going to crack grain for another batch of ESB.  But that’s for later in the eve…

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Märzen is in the Secondary

Finally… AFTER YEARS of not being able to make lagers, I finally have my first lager since then in the new freezer.  I’m keeping an eye on it tho’… I sort of forgot how to operate the Ranco ETC-111000 Temperature Controller.  I think I have it set to 48°F. ± 3°, but it was in the 20’s when I put the carboy in there.  I thought that I’d just turned it on and cranked it down a little… Well, maybe I didn’t.  We will see.Märzen4.0.0.0 - Young Märzen in it’s cradle… Shhh… We don’t want to wake it…

It took about 10 days to stop bubbling fastly.  Next time I’ll use a starter and the yeast that I poured off of the Primary.  I have Märzen yeast and the yeast I used to make my ESB in the fridge, and I’ll use the latter to make another ESB this weekend.  Got a new sack of 2 row pale ale malt today and some hops & a lb. of 40L crystal.  Really need to get a sack of Pilsner.  Next month, perhaps… Til then, I’ll use the Pale Ale to make the ESB and another batch of Märzen for later in the year.  Mental note: USE THE GREASE PENCIL on the carboys to tell which is which!  Don’t be a Dumbass!AGAIN!

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