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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Märzen is in the Secondary

Finally… AFTER YEARS of not being able to make lagers, I finally have my first lager since then in the new freezer.  I’m keeping an eye on it tho’… I sort of forgot how to operate the Ranco ETC-111000 Temperature Controller.  I think I have it set to 48°F. ± 3°, but it was in the 20’s when I put the carboy in there.  I thought that I’d just turned it on and cranked it down a little… Well, maybe I didn’t.  We will see.Märzen4.0.0.0 - Young Märzen in it’s cradle… Shhh… We don’t want to wake it…

It took about 10 days to stop bubbling fastly.  Next time I’ll use a starter and the yeast that I poured off of the Primary.  I have Märzen yeast and the yeast I used to make my ESB in the fridge, and I’ll use the latter to make another ESB this weekend.  Got a new sack of 2 row pale ale malt today and some hops & a lb. of 40L crystal.  Really need to get a sack of Pilsner.  Next month, perhaps… Til then, I’ll use the Pale Ale to make the ESB and another batch of Märzen for later in the year.  Mental note: USE THE GREASE PENCIL on the carboys to tell which is which!  Don’t be a Dumbass!AGAIN!

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