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Sunday, October 25, 2009

Cream Ale 06.B v3.0 Batch 2 is bottled

I left this batch in the secondary fermenter for 21 days as well, and I believe that next time I make cream ale I'll secondary for 14 days instead. Trish tasted the first bottle that was chilled and said that it was too bitter (she said hoppy...) and since I make this style for her I had better make sure that it pleases her palate.'

I did get (53) 12 oz. bottles, and the ABV calculates out to be 6.72%, which pleases me, but is outside style guidelines. I doubt that I'll enter this into a contest anywhere so I'll not worry about staying within style guidelines... the point of making your own beer is to make it to please your own palate, or to some parameter that is the goal du jour.

Have to brew more Americam Amber Ale... and soon: I only have 10 bottles left... I think that I gave away more than I usually do. I was really pleased with it and wanted to share.

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