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Sunday, March 28, 2010

Secondary... and a report on the 10.B's...

Racked the American IPA to the secondary yesterday... and not only did I use the 5 gallon carboy instead of the other 6 gallon carboy (wasting about6 40 cl of beer) but after I had gotten it all buttoned up with a towel wrapped about it to keep the light out and was cleaning out the primary carboy, a waft of Hops aroma arose from the primary - reminding me that I was supposed to dry hop the AIPA with an ounce of Cascades. Double D'oh! And so... I cleaned the other 6 gallon carboy, dumped in the hops, and racked the beer into it. Well, I guess that it was a good thing that I forgot to dry hop the beer after putting it into the second 5 gallon carboy... there would have been that much more hops wasted in the transfer.

And the two batches of American Amber Ale have been tasted and deemed potable. The v4.0.0.0 batch tasted and looked more like a porter as I didn't have any toasted barley for the grainbill so I used about a quarter lb. of a dark specialty malt (350 L.) to add some color... and it added some coffee taste as well. Not bad. I'll tell people that I was shooting for a Porter....

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