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Saturday, December 25, 2010

Brewing today.

Woke up at 4:30 and thought about getting started on my brewing but was afraid that I would fall asleep during something critical.  I went upstairs and napped til later.  Started around the usual time.  Flame on at 9:10 AM.

Once I got things going well, Trish came down and made an exclamation that I shan’t repeat.   She left and returned in about 5 minutes to tell me that she was up til 3:30 last night mopping the basement floor.  Why did I not tell her that I was going to brew in the basement?  (I told her that I was going to do it yesterday but was tasked with other things… and decided to do it today.  No, she wasn’t amused…)

I set up the WaynarWare ‘Fizz!’ to alarm when critical moments in brewing are approaching.  Click the fashionable WaynarWare link and you can get a copy yourself!  Its running as I key this blog to remind me that it is time to heat water for Mash Out.  Another file will be armed when boil begins and altho’ the beer that I’m making has all hop additions at the beginning of the boil, I’ll still need a heads up when it is time to add the Irish Moss and one to cut the heat off & start the chiller.  More later….

Yep, she wasn’t amused.  Made a special trip down to point that out.

About ready to put into the primary and pitch the yeast. Looks like I’ll have about 5.5 gallons when it is ready to bottle.  This one is a Standard Bitters.  We’ll see…

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