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Sunday, December 9, 2012

Brewer On The Lam


I am.  On The Lam.  On the Lam, said Dave-I-Am….

It is I, CyberDave… and I’ve been dreaming of brewing again here at my new home somewhere in the hills of Franklin County.  E-Ha, as we would imagine the personnel indigenous to the region might say.  They don’t, really. That is yet another Holi-Wood  stereotype aimed at mocking the hill folk of the South.  (Bahstids…)  I’m actually quite cozy, having holed up with kinsmen and women and have become a cherished member of the community.

But back to brewing.  Once my personal Recent Unpleasantness is behind me I intend to liberate my kit and brew a tasty Lager…. CyberDave’s Liberation Lager, I’ll call it (altho’ at the time of bottling, it may take on a new name.)

And then there will be the Angry Man Ale.  A must for members of the Angry Man society. 

“An angry man stirs up strife, and a furious man abounds in transgression.”  - Proverbs 29:22



Angry Man Ale label.  So far….

Well, more as it happens.  Cheers!

Somewhere out in The Territories….

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