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Saturday, August 3, 2013

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand into it…

Ah, shite.  Ran out of gas.

Fortunately I have another cylinder on hand.  After about an hour and a half of boiling, I still have about seven gallons of wort in the boiler.  DAMN!  The OG was really low; rather than make two batches I decided to condense the stuff and make one big beer.

I’m not all that crazy about big beers, but might as well.  This has been one terrific waste of time and resources so far. 

While not noticing that I ran out of gas I was Skype-ing with my buds at the He Man Woman Hater’s Club meeting.  They’re having a jolly time drinking decent beers, I’m drinking PBR.  My go-to beer when homebrew and funds are scarce.  And I’m getting to where I’m not all that crazy about that, either.

I suspect that I’m in the midst of one of those patches that are said to be rough when it comes to brewing; The last three batches that I’ve made have been problematic; My peeps, when they get to this point swear that they will give it up, find another hobby to waste their time and resources on.  Maybe I’m coming up on that point.

We shall see.

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