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Thursday, May 28, 2009

American Amber Ale

I brewed a batch of AAA on Thursday, my day off this week. Nothing spectacular happened... no boil-overs, no spillage of ingredients, not much damage to any of the equipment (there was an incident where one of the hoses that carries water to the chiller touched the hot frame of my cooker and melted a little hole or two thru the hose, squirting the tiniest of streams of water onto the surroundings, but a little Duct Tape will cure that) and I still have plenty of propane left to make a couple more beers. Wound up with 5+ gallons of beer in the Primary. I'll drop an ounce of Cascade hops into the Secondary Fermenter to give the hoppy flavour that I desire on Wednesday of next week, perhaps.

I have a carboy of Biere de Garde in a Secondary Fermenter that I hope to bottle on Sunday. I've put geletin in to help clear it up. I do this from time to time when I brew and it does an excellent job if you wait til the nasty stuff descends to the yeast bed. I've had a couple cases where globs of geletin wound up in bottles of beer and it looked (and felt) like there was snot in the bottom. Mmmmm.... Snotbeer! Quite embarrassing when it is a gift bottle.

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