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Saturday, May 30, 2009

Time to bottle my Biere de Garde 2.1

It's time to bottle my Biere de Garde, brewed about 4 weeks ago. I plan to use several Saison bottles that I got from Shysaboy and the rest in 12 oz. bottles. The Saison (and a couple of champagne bottles) will be corked - Something that I've done before several years ago and am rusty on doing. I'll get it figgured out by bottling time. I should look up corking bottles on the web just to make sure I do it correctly. I have about 5 gallons to put up. work around the campfire is that it takes 10 weeks to 18 months to bottle condition a Biere de Garde, and I dunno what the big descrepancy is all about. Maybe it depends on the yeast used? The temperature at which they are to be conditioned in, who knows at this point. Not me. Hopefully it will be properly conditioned before I 'sample' it all away, which happens from time to time when home brewing. Tomorrow's the day!

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