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Sunday, August 16, 2009

August meeting was a hoot

While we arrived 2 hours late, we did manage to see the Tech Talk portion of the show on gravity readings. Two members discussed and demonstrated the proper use of hydrometers and optical measuring tools. Was interesting and sparked lively debate from the floor. I picked up a few pointers that will be useful.

The food table looked like it was hit by a swarm of locusts in a plague by the time we got there but there was enough to graze upon including my chili, which was all gone in an hour or so. We all had opportunity to sample a beer or two that Doug brought back from the far reaches of the Empire while on business trips, and there was of course, much beer to be snarffed down. A good meeting all in all!

The AAA in the secondary that is still dry hopping is pretty well saturated with hops. Today I believe that I will introduce the gelatin wash to help clear it for bottling. Bottling should be around the last of August, or first part of September. By that time 10B.v2.1.1 should be ready to sample, and hopefully be ready for the September meeting.

I replaced a case of the Biere de Garde on the cellaring shelves to sit for another two months. It is still a little sweeter than I would hope it would be for dissemination. I'd better plan another brew session for the end of August or first part of September... What will it be? Hmmmm.....

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