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Saturday, August 1, 2009

Day Three 10B 3.0

The fermentation is still bubbling away merrily, and though I used a blow off tube rather than an airlock, I will keep the tube just in case it takes off with a life of its' own. A little joke there: it has a life of its' own, millions of them, the yeastie beasties. I only have about a half-dozen bomber bottles left of the first batch left in the fridge and I am meting them out as if they are precious. I gave one to Luke at the VEC, because he is a friend and I've been promising him some beer all year - but haven't made the time to follow thru on my word. Now, I've kept my word. I'll have to go to the VEC today to follow up on re-applying for assistance in locating a job and I'll see what he thought about it. I like the feedback, good or bad. It's a brewer's thang... you understand.

I added the gelatin to the batch in the Secondary fermenter yesterday. Gelatin will capture particulates that make your beer hazy and deposit them in they yeast bed in the bottom of the fermenter. Occasionally a gob will get sucked into the racking cane when you are bottling and that last swallow of yeasty beer in the bottom of the bottle contains what seems like is a booger. A strange feeling to be sure! Mmmmm.... Booger beer!

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