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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Getting into it

Work was fruitful today, I’m actually using AutoDesk Inventor as if I’m learning something useful… AutoCad 2-D, however… is a monstrosity.  Back in the CyMo days when I was using AutoCad 14 I could turn out a design in what seemed to be no time.  Comparing that to this latest version, 2011, that was lightning speed.  As was always their way, AutoCad has changed the tool format again… this time emulating Microsoft Office with the tabs at the top.  And, as it was when I began using Office 2007, I have to hunt for the tools that I know how to use… and even that isn’t the same.  Oh, how did I ever set that old programme up to be useful?  I don’t recall; A little at a time I suspect.  (“Hey, Dave!  If you set this or that thusly, you can do a task in half the time!”)  And here I am in this day, trying to use the little bahstid right out of the box.  It just isn’t as user friendly as it used to be.  In fact, Inventor (The 3-D Cad package) used to be a lot more intuitive than the current version is.  But I suppose that is the way of software.  (You listening, Virtual Wayne?  Your customers won’t think that your new versions of your software is better if it is as easy to use as the old versions…)

On the other hand, word around the campfire is that there are only about 5 more projects that they have for me to do… after that…?  We will see.  Another contract through the company for whom I work, or hit the road for what lay out there… in the Territories… for me.  We will see…  We always see….

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