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Saturday, November 27, 2010

A sign that things are getting better for a little while?

I put a chest freezer on lay away at a local business, a 9 ft.^3 box, just so I can again make lagers. Of course, if the balloon goes up, I can use it as a freezer to keep rodentia and other game in as I can capture them. (And on that note: I saw a clip on a show called 'Manswers' that said that pound-for-pound, cats are more nutritious than dogs. "Remember that when you try to come after my dogs, you starving lunatics!" ) Perhaps that is why cats are so aloof... But that's a story for next year, I'm sure.

I should have it paid for by January something or another, and one of my first lagers will be my ole pal Märzen, or as it is better known, Oktöberfest. I haven't made one in years, and it is about time to do so! But first, maybe a Dortmunder. Trish may like that style; not too hoppy nor strong for her tastes. I'm Egor to start brewing again!

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