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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

More on Microbe Festus….

As I was saying in our last exciting episode, I got my cargo cleaned up around 5:30, and the beer stopped being served at 6:00 PM… and so I had a whirlwind tour of the vendors that had beer left.  I went to a vendor’s tent and got a glass of IPA…

110813MF1_TheresThePitch1 110813MF2_BallInTheAir2 110813MF3_HeScores3

and a good time was had by me, CyberDave!  Also ran into my sister Boon who was pouring beer:

110813MF0_Bboon0 … and her preacher & his wifemate.  Names? I dunno.  I was drinking that day… She knows ‘em, and that’s the important part. 

Ah, it was a wondrous day.  Beers, Female earthlings sporting their best Summer Breasteses…

110813MF_YetNutherHotChick Who could ask for more?  Bwa-hahaha….

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