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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Ah, but I bottled my Märzen instead~!

And it tastes Freakin’ AWESOME!  And that isn’t just because I brewed it; no, it tastes awesome because I did a long-assed time consuming Triple Decoction and it was worth every second of it.  Oh, it there was ever a time that I looked forward to September/Oktöber it’s this year!  It’s SO good…. It’s so good that I’d be ashamed to enter it into home brewing contests because it would be cheating.  The maltiness it maddening!  FG was 1.008 and at 5.5% ABV, it is still sweet malty tasting, no, not cloyingly sweet, no I didn't’ use an elephant full of priming sugar, it is… just so.  I’m liable to start cracking those bad boys open before they are carbonated. Sorry for tootin’ me own horn, but it is a high point in my brewing career.  Hobby.  I GOTTA make more of this.

And I’m going to decoct more often as well.  Ahhh.  Pure molybdenum!  (A little joke between me and my ole pal Charlie Dell...)


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