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Monday, April 18, 2011

Web site is coming along… still a lot to do…

At least it looks like I’m doing something….


I made some custom buttons and changed the background on the banner to reflect what the finish of the products are going to look like… there is a problem with the .gif file, but it will be ok for now.  Maybe I can include a paint kit for your computer for scratches like they USED to do with automobiles back in the mythical time only referred to now as: ‘The Day’.

I got up at 4:00 and put a pot of coffee on the stove (yep… coffee maker finally gave up the ghost) and fed the WonderDog personnel, then after the coffee was to a point that I wanted to drink it I came down to the Future Site of the Man Cave, which I should start calling Corporate Headquarters, I suppose.  The coffee was boiling hot, but you know how it is with coffee: you just gotta pour some onto the soft inner tissues of the mouth.  It’s about drinking temperature now, as cometh from the coffee maker.  I made some .gifs for my banner and buttons (not as nice looking as the ones that Virtual Wayne made for his site, however…  I have a ways to go to even come close to the expertise of the WaynarWare team.  But as I said, they’ll do for now.

Still haven’t heard from my vendors, so I’ll stop by one of them this AM before work.  And on that note, I should go cleanse the bod and get ready.  Adidas!

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