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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

AAA on line

My American Amber Ale has been in the fridge almost a week and has cleared up rather well. I like the taste and the guys that we partied with from the brewery down South gave me good comments on it. Hopefully they were being square with me and not trying to avoid insulting their guest. Here is a pic from just moments ago of a glass and the bomber from whence it came, sitting upon my Grandfather's roll top desk:

American Amber Ale on Grandpa's Roll Top Desk.

Cousin Don's Roll Top Desk, I should say as I gave it to him, me feeling that his clan lost out on a lot of the good cargo when The Old Ones crossed the river and rested beneath the trees. Whenever he comes up from Texas for a visit, he or his next of kin if it takes that long, are welcome to haul it back to their territories. Even if I have joined my Fathers.

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