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Thursday, July 2, 2009

Ahh.... AAA ready to be drunk upon!

I couldn't wait for tonite: I had to open one of the two bottles that I put into the fridge last nite to see if my American Amber Ale is ready. And so it is. Not a lot of head retention, but it seems to be sufficiently carbonated. Looks like I forgot to add the Irish Moss when I brewed (tho' the Gelatin should have helped the clarity) but the taste is the important thing, not it is? My brewing program's calcs say that the ABV is 8.63%, but having discovered that the scale that I use to weigh my grain seems to be off due to low batteries, I suspect that the grain weight was maybe a pound more than I thought which would make the alcohol level about 6.4% ABV... which is what it tastes more like. (Mental note: go to Radio Shack; Make some standards to weigh against)

Tic Tacs doing their job, tho' each time I pop one, I think about buying some tobacco. Must... be.... strong...! I know that after a few days or a week or so, I'll feel better and be glad that I held out. Maybe I should do what I did one time and put the cost of tobacco into the safe each time that I felt the urge, and when I have enough, buy a toy. A rifle, last time I did that, maybe some brewing equipment this time... as a prize for persevering.

And on another note, this weekend is Floyd Fandango. I am attending, along with some of my hombrew homeboyz and gurls.... we will be, in exchange for a free entrance, pouring beer or wine, and getting free tokens for beer (or whine) for our services. Trish told me that she couldn't attend with me, so I guess I can camp out the nite of the 4th. You see, her idea of 'Roughing it' is a night at Motel 6. Perhaps I'll have lusty tales of adventure when I return...

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