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Sunday, July 19, 2009

Racking AAA2.1 to Secondary

As it turned out, the OG on this batch was almost identical to the previous one. I suppose that I should reduce the weight of grain in the grain bill to bring the ABV to a level within style guidelines, altho' I DO like being able to get a nice buzz on one bottle of beer. Very efficient.

Racking AAA2.1 to Secondary today. I was given a flask by a fellow brewer into which I will pour the goop in the bottom of the Primary, and an open-celled foam stopper to plug it with. I'll place it in the Fridge and next time I brew a beer using WLP-001 I will use this yeast. That should save a few bucks in this hand-to-mouth society that we have come to be living in. My homeboy said that I can take three cultures without problems of mutant yeast. (Wonder what it would produce, this Mutant Yeast? Coca-Cola? Scotch? Might be worth trying....)

Also was given a Crown Royal bag to put the flask into, to keep light out. Say, I believe that I have a 1.7 liter sized bag around here somewhere that I can use on my starter likker bottle... a 1.7L Old Forester bottle. I've been putting it in the closet to make the starters to keep it away from light sources, hoping that Trish doesn't knock it off when she is getting something off of the shelf. Mental note: find it.

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