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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Day off tomorrow. Brewing another batch of AAA

...unless The High Command has other ideas for my time.

I have reduced the weight of grain in the grain bill, shooting for an in-tolerance example of AAA rather than the higher gravity examples that the last two have been, my goal being to get the recipe nailed down so that at points in future I can reproduce the same results without playing a guessing game. Then... on to the next style.

I was trying to do that with the Cream Ale recipe but came up with such a wide range of results that I gave up on that one for the time being, and will address it at another point in historie.

Still, while the AAA that I've made in these last few trials have suited my palate, I want to be able to replicate those brews as well. May not win any competitions but they are pleasant to me and to the people with whom I've shared them.

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