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Saturday, January 1, 2011

Brewing my CyberDave’s ESB today…

I cracked the grain last nite assuming that I would start early today… and I did, flame on at 7:55 AM.  Could have started earlier, but I read some online papers and did a little blogging before I began.  Flame on, 7:55 AM.

My mash temp goal was 150°F and I missed it by one.  I heated the water to 178°and when I dumped it into the mash tun it was a little over the 167° that it was calculated to have been required.  Once I added the grist the final temperature was 149°.

I suspect that I knocked the false bottom loose from its moorings in the mash tun, I won’t know until I begin to get runoff.  If so, I will transfer the mash to another bucked and fix the boogair, and begin running it off again.  I’d reduced the amount of water required for mashing from 16 quarts to 14 because the tun might not hold all of the water and grains if I kept it as required, and raised the water temp a couple degrees to compensate.  Of course, BeerSmith does the calcs for me.  That’s nice.  Heating the water for Mashout right now, 9:10 AM, mashout should begin at 9:14…

I use WaynarWare’s Fizz! to time my events.  When an event fires, an audible alarm goes off; if I’m not near my computer, I can set it to send me a text message that the event has fired.  Most Excellent!  The alarm for heating the water went off and then after 15 minutes, the mashout alarm sounded.  I have til 9:24 to blog, then I begin Vortlauf.

01:05 PM - Boil just began a few min. ago.  I’ll read “On The Road” once the boil settles down…

02:10 PM and Chilling now underway.

3:45 pm – Cleanup is finished and its time for a chilly brew!

8:15 PM -  Pitched the yeast.  Was too much foam to get it in at the end of the session.  Didas!

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