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Sunday, January 9, 2011

Didn’t bottle yesterday… have to do so today…

I have the bottles in the drainer now, awaiting them to dry out a little and for the primer mixture to cool down to temperature too.  I mixed up the primer, corn sugar and a liter of water, yesterday. To do so requires heating it to a boil with water, I use a liter, and letting it cool with a lid on the pot.  Since my wife was down here in the basement cleaning out her wet/dry vacuum cleaner I decided to reboil the sugar water again today just in case any airborne nasties found their way into the pot.  You cannot be TOO careful when brewing.  I’m also taking pix of the process to add here after completion of the tasks.  For now, this is all…

 Picture 001 Picture 002

Cleaning and disinfecting Bottles; Drying on rack;

Picture 003 Picture 004

Brushing out crud; and then soaking in clorox solution.

 Picture 005 Picture 006

All dry and ready to bottle;  Racking beer to bottling bucket.

 Picture 007 Picture 008

Ambient temperature 70°F; beer at the bottom of the carboy.

Picture 009 Picture 010

Bottling setup. Filling a bottle;

 Picture 011 Picture 012

And another… and placing the caps on the tops;

Picture 013 Picture 014

Into the capping press; Capped;

Picture 015 Picture 016

And another one ready to cellar; The press and half a case.

Picture 017 Picture 018

Disinfecting the caps prior to capping.  A critical step not to be forgotten!

 Picture 019 Picture 020

Finished gravity is 1.005.  Alcohol by volume is 4.42%.  I got 54 12 oz. bottles and 1.5 half-liter flip top bottles of Standard Bitters.

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