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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

ESB into Secondary Fermenter tonite…

Glad that I used the blow off tube on the Primary; it looks like almost 2 liters of beer went into the bucket as foam.  This is the third generation of the Fermentis English Ale yeast that I’ve used so far and it is still a happy bunch of campers! 

Thursday I’ll make the next to last payment on the freezer and then it’s lager time again!I suppose that I’ll have to use one of the half gallon likker jugs I have on hand to store the yeast in after I use it, I have two on hand.  I think I’d like to keep the Ale yeast on hand for more ESB… I really like the style.  The first lager will be Oktöberfest.  Have to get new yeast for that.

I’m going to have to get more grain too.  I’m almost out of pale ale and pilsner and have enough Münich for about one batch of Oktöberfest.  And hops.  I’m about out of all of the stuff that you make beer with.  Except… I’m going to have to get with Jeff for our secret batch real soon too…

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