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Saturday, October 9, 2010

Washer out of balance

Trish moved the washer to vacuum under it which is her way… and the thing was out of balance when she tried to replace it.  We had to get a new washer when the other one died; it is a high efficiency washer, and the spin cycle is really spin-o-licious!  So… balancing is crucial.  I moved it back to its place and readjusted the balance and put a load of wash in to see if I made the adjustments correctly when the spin cycle is underway.  Once it is correct, I will take a marker and draw circles about the feet so that it will be easier to get the boogair back in the proper place after we move it for whatever purpose.  I also hung the special adjustment tool on a hook next to the washer and put the level that I acquired for this on the shelf over the washer… handy in times of need.

The load has just begun the clean cycle… won’t be long til it is ready to spin….

Another thing about High Efficiency washers: They use a special detergent and don’t use NEARLY as much washing liquid as the old ones required.  And yes, we found out about that the hard way. 


Balanced… but Trish didn’t want me to wash the white clothes.  Something about me never looking at my clothes to treat stains (which is true…) and now she is lamenting.  Nothing bad happened this time, but Oh, I’m a fool…

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