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Monday, June 1, 2009

090601 - Truck Day...

Got up at 4:30 and fed two out of three dogs and had a smoke & a cup of coffee out on the carport. Went to work and we unloaded the truck and restocked. One of the new people hasn't gotten the hand of using a hand truck yet and knocked over a stack of Tequila cases, breaking about 5 bottles. Mondays are slow and today was no exception except - I got off at 1:00.

After work I went to Blues BBQ and had a Redhook ESB and a plate of pulled pork BBQ. Called Trish and asked what she wanted and brought home some fried grits for her. Came home and got to the computer to do my thang.

Yesterday, Trish was all aflutter! There was a creature out on the fence! And so, I looked. And there... was Red Tailed Hawk. With his friend, one of our treerats, climbing onto the top of the fence beside it. I got the camera and slipped out the basement door and got a couple pix before Dog Angel pushed her way out and spooked the bird off. Trish went balistic! Not because the bird escaped but because I had allowed Angel to get out the door. That was my strike three for yesterday. Today when I got in from downtown she said that she'd seen the Hawk a couple times today. I'll try to get another picture if I can. Click on the image for a full screen picture of the raptor.

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