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Sunday, June 28, 2009

AAA tastes great!

Probably not less filling, but WTF... I'm a beer guy. It needs to bottle finish about a week more to improve the carbonation level, but the mouthfeel now is pretty good already. Will have to make this again and again!

Tried another bottle of the Biere de Garde.... still needs finishing. I'll let it go another month in the cellar before I try again. Not much carbonation and the mouthfeel is not all that impressive yet. As a worse case scenario, it will make excellent cooking beer: braising liquid, stews, BBQ, etc. if it doesn't turn out well enough to share with my homies.

Fourth and 5th of July is Floyd Fandango. I, and my home brew home boyz & gurls will be attending to pour beer for free admission, and to help Blue Ridge Hydroponics & Homebrew Supplies' owners, Chris & Fran, man their booth. Trish may go... we'll see. If not, I'll camp. This is supposed to be a nice soiree...

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