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Saturday, June 6, 2009

Work's over and done with for the day.... But...

I went to Blues Barbecue after work tonight and had a beer. I talked to Steve, the bartender, for a while and was enjoying being there. The tables outside we all taken and I was the only one at the bar. Steve said that the night had been horridly slow. Just a few To-Go orders and the people outside sipping on beers and mixed drinks was all the business that they had had to that point. The night before had rocked, but tonight was deadsville. I ordered another of the same (Redhook ESB) and went outside to smoke me a good cigarette. I put my cell phone on the table beside me just in case....

After smoking, I returned to the bar and talked to Steve for a little bit. He gave me a taste of their new white wine, from South America, and when I returned to my beer I got a call from The High Command: My yard pass had been canceled. I told her that I was going to have another beer and would bring her some fried grits afterward. And I did.

When Trish opened the box and looked inside she saw that the sauce (Italian dressing) was missing - which pissed her off to an extent. Screwed again. I asked her, "I guess that I could have just stayed out instead of coming home then?" (Smart ass....) "No!", she said "You would think that they would know that they had forgotten the sauce!" "I will mention it to Steve next time that I'm in, then..." I told her. Maybe he will comp me something. A beer or something. We'll see.

I brought a liter of water to boil and added 3.8 ounces of corn sugar and after the sugar was dissolved, I put the lid on the pot and brought it downstairs to use as a primer for the Biere de Garde when I bottle tomorrow. Then I opened another beer and hit the internet....

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