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Friday, June 5, 2009

IE 8 Bad

Downloaded IE 8 the other day and found that the illegal software that I got from Bobo, the Williamson Road drug & illegal software lord, wouldn't work. Damn! Those crafty Pangolian Software minions of MS!

I will go to work at one-ish today, and this AM I'm taking Trish to see her health care professionals that gave her such a hard time yesterday that she cried for hours after I got home yesterday, and who knows how long before that. She called me at work yesterday just as I was clocking out and wailed about what had happened... I didn't understand... and I told her that I would be home in 15-20 minutes and she could explain all. I'm thinking, if the professionalism of medical office personnel is at this level now, to what level will it deteriorate once ObamaCare is instituted and the Health Care Per-fessionals will all be surly Public Servants, waiting for quitting time in the short term and the juicy Federal retirement package in the long term. I'm hoping that ObamaCare will have an Euthanasia programme as the Opt-Out choice; Send me to the Soylent factory!

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