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Thursday, June 11, 2009

AAA still going well

I added the gelatin the other day and slightly swirled the carboy each morning since to help the hop pellets lose their buoyancy and begin their casual journey to the bottom. Just a few pellet pieces left this AM, and I can't tell about the gelatin. It is still slightly cloudy, but another week or so in the secondary and it should clear up nicely.

I was given a 4 gallon bucket with a gasket, all food grade materials, from a guy that works at a McDonald's. It was a pickle bucket in it's original designation on this plane of reality. I cleaned it well and will store some of the 50 lbs. of grain that I got from a local brewery which was already crushed... in hopes that it will last longer. We forgot to tell the guy making the order that we wanted un-crushed grain and they send it pre-crushed - at an extra .10¢ at lb. Still got a pretty good deal on the purchase, though. Maybe I need to make another batch of something soon to use up more of the crushed grain that won't fit into the pickle bucket. Wonder what kind it will be this time? Still haven't gotten a lagering temperature controlled atmosphere at hand since the freezer went out...

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